2019 Tryout and Team Information

Tryouts for the Jr. Chief Teams will be the first week of school in August.  

Friday 8/2 5:00p-7:30p

Saturday 8/3 9:00a-12:00n

You must attend both days, and you must have a completed physical on the county form in order to tryout.  The link for the physical form is on our main page.

Read below for tryout results

There is important information below on the left for those who have been selected.

Congratulations for making a team!  We are excited to have you as part of the program.

If you were not selected...

After everyone has accepted or declined their position, there may be spots available.  We will contact the alternates at that point if any positions are unfilled.

If you love to play volleyball, this does not have to be the last time you play.  There are programs outside of ours that offer fall leagues and/or instruction as well as club volleyball that starts in October.  Feel free to email me with any questions you might have.

Jr Chief Program

Tryouts: Results

Important information for players that have been selected.

1. A parent of each player selected needs to email Coach Edwards before 6pm on Sunday to accept or decline the team selection. (email is below)

2. Please make sure you have reviewed the calendar to make sure there are no conflicts.  The expectation is that every player attend all practices and matches. Obviously there will be emergencies, but all conflicts need to be communicated to Coach Edwards before accepting a position on a team. 

3. Practice starts this week and there is a parent meeting on Monday (see the season calendar below).

4. Please read the expected costs for this season.  The actual list will be posted and sent out tomorrow.

Tryouts Results for Black Team

  Name        Tryout #

(listed by grade)

Miki     6-1

Lily H.     7-1

Melani   7-5

Sophia H.    7-7

Piper    8-2

Sayler    8-4

Sophia A.    8-5

Julia    8-6

Asby    8-7

Tryout Results for Gold Team

      Name      Tryout # 

(listed by grade)


Naomi   6-2

Alexis    6-3

Melanie  R.   7-2

Ava    7-4

Brooklyn M.    7-8

Lily S.    7-9

Emerson    7-10

Isabel     7-13

Natali    7-16

Kaylee B.    8-1

Audrey D.    8-8

Ajia     8-10